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Submissions closed

All submissions to the Review have now closed, with general submissions to the Review closing on Friday 11 April 2008 and submissions on the Emissions Trading Scheme Discussion Paper closing on Friday 18 April 2008.

Submissions report—July 2008

The submissions report provides a qualitative overview of the body of submissions received by the Garnaut Climate Change Review between August 2007 and April 2008:

Public posting of submissions

Where appropriate, written public submissions received by the Garnaut Climate Change Review Secretariat have been published on this website.

All submissions received by the Garnaut Climate Change Review were treated as documents for the public domain unless requested otherwise by a submitter. In the instance of a request for confidentiality, only the organisation or individual's name appears on this website.

How to find a submission

All submissions received by the Review are listed below according to the specific discussion paper to which they were responding. Submissions which covered multiple thematic areas or which did not respond directly to a thematic publication are listed as 'General'.

Please click on a thematic area below to view relevant submissions:

Please note: All submissions are listed alphabetically. Also, to read PDF files, use Adobe Reader.

General submissions

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Individual/Organisation Submission
3 Minutes World Silence (PDF 704 kB)
ABARE (PDF 285 kB)
(PDF 461 kB)
Abatement Solutions Asia Pacific (PDF 266 kB)
ACTU (PDF 79 kB)
Adams, Mike (PDF 14 kB)
AgForce Queensland (PDF 155 kB)
AgroEco Systems (PDF 549 kB)
Air Con Serve—Wayne Ryan (PDF 22 kB)
Aitkin, Professor Don (AO) (PDF 37 kB)
(PDF 262 kB)
(PDF 72 kB)
Alliance for Sustainable Wellbeing (PDF 47 kB)
Archibald, David (PDF 1.13 MB)
(PDF 51 kB)
(PDF 38 kB)
AREVA (PDF 232 kB)
Asia Pacific Strategy Pty Ltd (PDF 63 kB)
Austin, Colin (PDF 2.22 MB)
Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (PDF 100 kB)
Australian Bankers' Association (PDF 135 kB)
Australian Climate Action Groups (PDF 67 kB)
Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) (PDF 457 kB)
Australian Energy Company—Allan Blood (PDF 13 kB)
(PDF 116 kB)
Australian Industry Greenhouse Network (PDF 2.11 MB)
Australian Labor Party – Geelong West branch
Australian Network of Environmental Defenders Offices (ANEDO) (PDF 229 kB)
Australian Psychological Society (PDF 183 kB)
Australian Red Cross (PDF 58 kB)
Australian Society of Foreign Energy Executives (PDF 4.21 MB)
Australian Student Environment Network (PDF 3.05 MB)
Australian Uranium Association (PDF 283 kB)
(PDF 941 kB)
Baillie, Michelle (PDF 18 kB)
Bakers Investment Group (PDF 626 kB)
Ballarat Renewable Energy And Zero Emissions (BREAZE) (PDF 148 kB)
Bayfield, Kira—Joint Submission with Lachlan Bradburn, Alexander Brown, Emma Francis and Kathryn Kalinowski. (PDF 561 kB)
Bennet, Andrew and Sally Kimber (PDF 3.07 MB)
Berle, David (PDF 82 kB)
Berry, Danielle (PDF 12 kB)
Beyond Zero Emissions (PDF 217 kB)
BHP Billiton (PDF 139 kB)
Biggs, Professor John (PDF 33 kB)
Birds Australia (Royal Australasian Ornithologists Union) (PDF 43 kB)
Blakers, Margaret (PDF 118 kB)
Bluescope Steel (PDF 89 kB)
Blunt, William (PDF 103 kB)
Boehmer-Christiansen, Sonja A. (PDF 32 kB)
Bourke, Jules (PDF 19 kB)
Bowring, Terry (PDF 23 kB)
(PDF 372 kB)
Bradstreet, Jack
Browne, Phil (PDF 28 kB)
Brunskill, G.J. (PDF 259 kB)
Bulbeck, Prof. Chilla (PDF 18 kB)
Byrne, Mark (PDF 14 kB)
Douglas and Joan Campbell (PDF 84 kB)
Campbell, Peter (PDF 25 kB)
Carbon Coalition Against Global Warming (PDF 1.43 MB)
Carbon Sense Coalition (PDF 160 kB)
(PDF 29 kB)
Carnegie Corporation Ltd
Carrard, George (PDF 15 kB)
Carter, Bob (Article by Donald Miller) (PDF 187 kB)
Carter, Stuart (PDF 175 kB)
Casey, Andrea (PDF 11 kB)
Castleden, Dr W.M. (PDF 68 kB)
Cement Industry Federation (PDF 509 kB)
Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research—ANU (Prof. Altman and Ms Jordan) (PDF 2.26 MB)
CFMEU (PDF 138 kB)
Chamberlain, Duncan (PDF 16 kB)
Chevron Corporation (PDF 3.19 MB)
(PDF 3.78 MB)
Christoff, Dr Peter (PDF 124 kB)
Citizen's Climate Action Groups of Australia (PDF 63 kB)
City of Sterling (PDF 26 kB)
Clarence Environment Centre (PDF 194 kB)
Clifford, Dick (PDF 338 kB)
Climate Action Newcastle (PDF 147 kB)
Climate Institute, The (and Doctors for the Environment Australia) (PDF 823 kB)
Coastal Zone Management (PDF 117 kB)
Collins, Richard (PDF 66 kB)
Compton, Herbert (PDF 25 kB)
Cook, Dr Peter (PDF 91 kB)
Cooke, Hellen (PDF 85 kB)
Coonan, Megan (and Kristiane Davidson, Helene Diezel, Annie Hall, Mary Lee—Joint Submission) (PDF 165 kB)
Couteur, Caroline le (PDF 64 kB)
Cox, Jason (PDF 66 kB)
Crowded Planet (David Hughes) (PDF 68 kB)
CSIRO (PDF 723 kB)
Cumpston, Richard—Cumpston Sarjeant Pty Ltd (PDF 34 kB)
(PDF 25 kB)
Curtin, Tim (PDF 476 kB)
(PDF 601 kB)
(PDF 615 kB)
Cuthbert, Dirima (PDF 13 kB)
Dankha, Susan (PDF 30 kB)
Darebin Climate Action Now (PDF 135 kB)
(PDF 26 kB)
DaS Energy (PDF 7885 kB)
de Courcy Harris, Brett (PDF 11 kB)
(PDF 26 kB)
(PDF 27 kB)
Department of Agriculture and Food WA (PDF 17 kB)
(PDF 302 kB)
(PDF 223 kB)
Department of the Environment & Heritage (Federal) (PDF 727 kB)
Dickman, Ken (PDF 362 kB)
Diesendorf, Dr Mark (UNSW) (PDF 898 kB)
Docklands Science Park Pty Ltd (PDF 233 kB)
Doctors for the Environment Australia (PDF 132 kB)
Donaghey, Dr Richard (PDF 25 kB)
Donaldson, Bec (PDF 16 kB)
Doole, Alistair (PDF 20 kB)
Draper, Keith (PDF 72 kB)
Drexler, Harro (PDF 26 kB)
Duff, Kalani (PDF 9 kB)
Dunlop, Ian (PDF 447 kB)
Dunlop, Jim (PDF 24 kB)
Dwyer, Matt (PDF 16 kB)
Earthsharing Australia (PDF 13 kB)
Ebbelaar, Leon (PDF 23 kB)
Eckard, Richard and Dawn Dalley (PDF 480 kB)
Economics@ANZ (PDF 281 kB)
Ecuyer, Danielle (PDF 32 kB)
Ellett, Gary (PDF 365 kB)
Energy Supply Association of Australia (ESAA) (PDF 64 kB)
Engineers Australia (PDF 105 kB)
Engl, Renee (PDF 15 kB)
England, Philippa (PDF 66 kB)
England, Richard (PDF 16 kB)
Enright, Amanda (PDF 110 kB)
Environment Business Australia (PDF 130 kB)
(PDF 143 kB)
Environmental Clean Technologies Limited (PDF 143 kB)
Environment Link Pty Ltd (PDF 156 kB)
Evans, Ray—Lavoisier Group (PDF 1,161 kB)
Ewald, Dr Ben (PDF 14 kB)
Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) (PDF 823 kB)
Firewood Association of Australia (PDF 3.65 MB)
Flannery, Dr Tim (PDF 1,077 kB)
Flannery, Dr Tim—Carbon Trading in PNG (PDF 64 kB)
Fletcher, Rod (PDF 13 kB)
Food Chain Intelligence (PDF 634 kB)
ForestWorks Industry Skills Council (PDF 340 kB)
Foster-Bunch, Peter (PDF 48 kB)
Franklin, Peter (PDF 16 kB)
Fraser, Grace (PDF 88 kB)
French, Wendy (PDF 131 kB)
Friday, Robin (PDF 11 kB)
Friends of the Earth Australia (PDF 192 kB)
Gallagher, Peter W (PDF 35 kB)
Gardiner, Philip (PDF 56 kB)
Garsden, Brian (PDF 23 kB)
Geogen—Andrew Carrol (PDF 22 kB)
Germana, Clare (PDF 16 kB)
GetUp! Action for Australia (PDF 490 kB)
Gleeson, Rachel (PDF 15 kB)
Glickson, Andrew (PDF 303 kB)
(PDF 1366 kB)
(PDF 29 kB)
(PDF 36 kB)
(PDF 383 kB)
Glickson, Andrew
Global Energy Network Institute (PDF 316 kB)
Godden, Dr Lee (Associate Professor), and Ms Anne Kallies (of Melbourne Law School—Centre for Resources, Energy and Environmental Law) (PDF 242 kB)
Goldsworthy, John (PDF 277 kB)
Gordon, Marion (PDF 41 kB)
Grains Council of Australia (PDF 29 kB)
Green Building Council Australia (PDF 199 kB)
(PDF 1.66 MB)
Greenleap Strategic Institute (PDF 138 kB)
Greenleap Strategic Institute and Carbon Equity (PDF 660 kB)
Greenleap Strategic Institute, Carbon Equity and Friends of the Earth (PDF 1.06 MB)
(PDF 99 kB)
Grid Australia (PDF 815 kB)
Groves, Jeffrey
Guler, Tom (PDF 11 kB)
Haigh, Bruce (PDF 14 kB)
Hanly, Paul (PDF 33 kB)
Hansen, Dorte (PDF 40 kB)
Harewood, Mick (PDF 25 kB)
Harriss-White, Barbara (Oxford University) (PDF 105 kB)
Hart, Deborah (PDF 20 kB)
Hart, Elizabeth (PDF 223 kB)
Hawes, James & Anthony (PDF 47 kB)
Healey, John (PDF 16 kB)
Heath, Nicholas
Heaton, Claire (PDF 19 kB)
Hemlof, Loris Erik Kent (PDF 130 kB)
Hemp Resources Ltd (PDF 250 kB)
Henderson, David (PDF 203 kB)
Hepburn, Dr Cameron and Stern, Professor Lord Nicholas (PDF 140 kB)
(PDF 370 kB)
Hodges, Alex—Joint Submission with Ray Linkvics, Jenny and Alan Luesby. (PDF 375 kB)
Hordern, Anthony (PDF 400 kB)
Higgins, John (PDF 10 kB)
Hirsch, Naarilla (PDF 18 kB)
Hoare, Barbara (GP) (PDF 20 kB)
Holland, David (PDF 778 kB)
Hughes, Dr Chris (PDF 296 kB)
Hunt, Dr Colin (PDF 58 kB)
(PDF 439 kB)
(PDF 102 kB)
ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability (PDF 659 kB)
Imrie, Julia & Colin (PDF 30 kB)
Inglis, Jim (PDF 25 kB)
Institute for Energy and Environmental Research (PDF 34 kB)
Institute of Public Affairs (PDF 116 kB)
Insulation Council of Australia and NZ (PDF 1.22 MB)
International Transport Forum (PDF 474 kB)
James, Dr John (PDF 410 kB)
Janssen, Andrea (PDF 30 kB)
Jarnason, Stefan (PDF 18 kB)
Jensen, Gerald (PDF 111 kB)
Jessup, Rachael (PDF 14 kB)
Johnston, Alan (PDF 245 kB)
(PDF 2.53 MB)
Jolly, William (PDF 602 kB)
Jones, Dr. Christine (PDF 101 kB)
Joynes, Karen (PDF 9 kB)
Kasper, Wolfgang (PDF 175 kB)
Kentish, May (PDF 41 kB)
Kittel, Peter
Knott, E.D. (PDF 386 kB)
Kokic, David (PDF 34 kB)
Kwok, James (PDF 35 kB)
Labor Environment Activists Network (PDF 1.05 MB)
Land and Water Australia (PDF 84 kB)
(PDF 70 kB)
(PDF 2.38 MB)
Laughlin, Campbell (PDF 18 kB)
Lavoiser, John
Layton-Bennett, Anne, and John Donnachy (PDF 327 kB)
LeBlanc-Smith, Guy (PDF 32 kB)
Lebovic, Henry (PDF 11 kB)
Lee, Sharon (PDF 15 kB)
Lehmann, Ann & Kuit, Daniel (PDF 14 kB)
Lennon, Paul—Premier of Tasmania (PDF 137 kB)
(name withdrawn by request) (PDF 15 kB)
Loveday, Peter (PDF 38 kB)
Macfarlane, Mark (PDF 88 kB)
Mackey, Richard (PDF 813 kB)
Mahon, Judy and Vince (PDF 52 kB)
Makani Power (Dr Saul Griffiths) (PDF 9.34 MB)
Make Poverty History (PDF 47 kB)
Maldon Neighbourhood Centre (PDF 16 kB)
Mannering, Lesley (PDF 20 kB)
Maribyrnong City Council (PDF 344 kB)
Marshall, Alan (PDF 117 kB)
Martin, Roger (PDF 41 kB)
McGrath, Chris (PDF 341 kB)
McKenna, Denise (PDF 28 kB)
McKenna, Low and Evans Family Submission (PDF 199 kB)
McKibbin, Professor Warwick (PDF 4.43 MB)
(PDF 741 kB)
(PDF 430 kB)
(PDF 154 kB)
(PDF 622 kB)
(PDF 203 kB)
McLean, John (PDF 837 kB)
McLeod, Bruce (PDF 11 kB)
McRae, Jo (PDF 7 kB)
McWilliam, John (PDF 166 kB)
Message Stick (PDF 215 kB)
Millett, John (PDF 49 kB)
Mills, Loren (PDF 134 kB)
Ministry for Agriculture and Forestry New Zealand (PDF 41 kB)
Mitchell, David (PDF 17 kB)
Moore, Des (PDF 22 kB)
Morcom, Ken (PDF 12 kB)
Mount Alexander Sustainability Group Inc (PDF 40 kB)
Mount Alexander Sustainability Group – Tarrangower Branch (PDF 283 kB)
Mushalik, Matt (PDF 3.44 MB)
(PDF 22 kB)
Muthuswamy, Gujji (PDF 148 kB)
National Association of Forest Industries (NAFI) (PDF 159 kB)
National Australia Bank (PDF 101 kB)
National Climate Change Research Strategy for Primary Industries (NCCRSPI) Fact Sheet (PDF 221 kB)
National Emissions Trading Taskforce (NETT) State and Territory Officials' Final Framework Report (PDF 1322 kB)
National Generators Forum (PDF 282 kB)
(PDF 172 kB)
Natural Edge Project, The (PDF 2.6 MB)
Nature Conservation Council of NSW (PDF 145 kB)
Naughten, Barry [ANU] (PDF 396 kB)
Naughtin, Pat (PDF 88 kB)
Newlands, John (PDF 40 kB)
Nicholls, Professor Neville (PDF 86 kB)
Northern Alliance for Greenhouse Action (PDF 92 kB)
North Coast Climate Action Group (PDF 309 kB)
North Shore Climate Action (PDF 16 kB)
NSW Business Chamber (PDF 101 kB)
(PDF 712 kB)
NSW Department of Education and Training (PDF 474 kB)
NSW Greens Economics Group (PDF 37 kB)
O'Donnell, Carol (PDF 241 kB)
(PDF 81 kB)
(PDF 68 kB)
(PDF 73 kB)
(PDF 130 kB)
(PDF 88 kB)
(PDF 136 kB)
Ortega, Vivienne (PDF 33 kB)
O'Shea, John A (PDF 53 kB)
Owers, Don (PDF 26 kB)
Queensland Conservation Council (PDF 84 kB)
Quigley, Hon. Derek (PDF 45 kB)
Pacific Calling Partnership (PDF 369 kB)
Parks and Leisure Australia (PDF 679 kB)
Parks & Playgrounds Movement Inc (PDF 24 kB)
Pastalatzis, Nick (PDF 260 kB)
Paterson, Robert (PDF 1.05 MB)
Patullo, Sharon (PDF 13 kB)
Pearse, Guy (PDF 174 kB)
Perera, Lasantha
Perkins, John (PDF 78 kB)
Petition for the review of emission targets (17 signatories) (PDF 2.99 MB)
Phillips, Emily (PDF 59 kB)
Phillips, Steve (PDF 14 kB)
Phillips Lighting (PDF 614 kB)
Pittock, Barrie (PDF 928 kB)
(PDF 235 kB)
(PDF 77 kB)
(PDF 44 kB)
PolMin (PDF 208 kB)
Polya, Dr Gideon (PDF 90 kB)
Pope, Michael (PDF 5.98 MB)
Potts, Keith (PDF 908 kB)
Presentation Congregation Queensland (PDF 15 kB)
Price, Neil (PDF 110 kB)
(PDF 109 kB)
(PDF 29 kB)
Psychological Society (PDF 185 kB)
Productivity Commission, 'What Role for Policies to Supplement an Emissions Trading Scheme?' (PDF 457 kB)
Productivity Commission, Re: Staff working paper on the Stern Review (PDF 393 kB)
Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PDF 146 kB)
Public Transport Users Association (PDF 677 kB)
Quail, Ivan (PDF 117 kB)
Queensland Conservation Council (PDF 84 kB)
Rangan, Professor Vijaya (PDF 13 kB)
(PDF 434 kB)
ResourcesLaw International (PDF 77 kB)
Rice, David (PDF 1.05 MB)
Rising Tide Newcastle (PDF 969 kB)
RisingTide.Org.Au—Petition (PDF 28 kB)
River SOS (PDF 814 kB)
Roberts, Trisha (PDF 19 kB)
Ross, Estelle (PDF 29 kB)
Rowe, Luke (PDF 56 kB)
Rowland, Philippa (PDF 46 kB)
Rudd, Ian (PDF 32 kB)
Ryan, Wayne—Air Con Serve Pty Ltd (PDF 22 kB)
Sampler Pty Ltd (Dr. Peter Marsh) (PDF 24.2 MB)
Schlotzer, Alex (PDF 21 kB)
Schoeller, Sarah (PDF 25 kB)
Schofield, Nell (PDF 15 kB)
Schwab, Ashley (PDF 38 kB)
Scott, Liz (PDF 15 kB)
Scott, P., Pregelj, L., Chen N., and Gresshoff, P.—ARC Centre of Excellence for Integrative Legume Research, The University of Queensland (PDF 120 kB)
Seligman, Peter (PDF 11 kB)
(PDF 37 kB)
Shadler, Brian (PDF 2.67 MB)
Shaw, Robert G (PDF 47 kB)
Sherman, Dr Bradford (PDF 21 kB)
Sherrington, Geoffrey (PDF 49 kB)
Singer, Dr Fred (PDF 137 kB)
(PDF 29 kB)
Sisters Wagga (PDF 22 kB)
Smith, Dr Greg (PDF 22 kB)
Social Action Office Catholic Religious Australia QLD (PDF 78 kB)
Somerville, James G (PDF 61 kB)
South Australian No-Till Farmers Association (PDF 686 kB)
Spragg and Associates (PDF 195 kB)
Standards Australia (PDF 150 kB)
(PDF 1.28 MB)
Star, Jan (PDF 53 kB)
Stockwell, David (PDF 51 kB)
Stoddart, Guy (PDF 23 kB)
Studdert, Shelley (PDF 79 kB)
Supreme Master Ching Hai International (PDF 130 kB)
Sutton, Jonathan (PDF 39 kB)
Swift, Harriett (PDF 33 kB)
Tanner James Management Consultants (PDF 87 kB)
Taylor, James, Megan Cornock, Jenny Fox & Brett Hall (Joint Submission) (PDF 296 kB)
Teakle, David (PDF 13 kB)
Thompson, Paul (PDF 13 kB)
Tranter, David (PDF 29 kB)
Tree, Helen (PDF 17 kB)
Tree Smart (PDF 895 kB)
Total Environment Centre (PDF 191 kB)
Tourism and Transport Forum (PDF 3.42 MB)
Twitt, Greg (PDF 11 kB)
Umbers, Alan (PDF 251 kB)
Victorian Eco-Innovation Lab (PDF 9.88 MB)
Victoria Naturally Alliance (Victorian National Parks Association) (PDF 332 kB)
WA Economic Regulation Authority (PDF 527 kB)
Wales, Reverend Peter (PDF 2.64 MB)
Walker, Derek (PDF 25 kB)
Walker, Jimmy (PDF 19 kB)
Walsh, Kate
Walsh, Peter (PDF 61 kB)
Warman, Russell (PDF 62 kB)
Warnken ISE (PDF 1.10 MB)
(PDF 97 kB)
Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists (PDF 209 kB)
Westernport Action Group Inc (PDF 33 kB)
Western Port Greenhouse Alliance (PDF 173 kB)
Wilden, Ben and Petra (PDF 19 kB)
Wilderness Society, The—Petition (signed by 2897 individuals) (PDF 52 kB)
Willoughby City Council (PDF 384 kB)
Wilson, Mark (PDF 19 kB)
Wimoth, Ross (PDF 11 kB)
Women for Urgent Action on the Climate Crisis (WUACC) (PDF 339 kB)
Woodside Energy (PDF 1.49 MB)
World Vision Australia (PDF 56 kB)
(PDF 363 kB)
Wrigley, Derek (PDF 14 kB)
WSN Environmental Solutions (PDF 116 kB)
WWF (PDF 478 kB)
(PDF 233 kB)
(PDF 60 kB)
Joint WWF, ACF, Climate Institute (PDF 388 kB)
(PDF 2,176 kB)
(PDF 7,293 kB)
(PDF 657 kB)
Wyatt, Scott and Brown, Susie (PDF 25 kB)
Yujnovich, I.J. (PDF 58 kB)
Yule, Dr Valerie (PDF 196 kB)
Zero Waste Australia (PDF 98 kB)
Zollinger, Reto (PDF 101 kB)

Emissions Trading Scheme

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Individual/Organisation Submission
A3P (PDF 191 kB)
Acoss, Choice and ACF (PDF 218 kB)
(PDF 1.06 MB)
AGL (PDF 75 kB)
Alcoa of Australia (PDF 269 kB)
AMCOR (PDF 321 kB)
Anderson, Chris (PDF 54 kB)
Anglo Coal Australia Pty Ltd (PDF 129 kB)
APPEA (PDF 355 kB)
(PDF 143 kB)
arkx Carbon Fund (PDF 305 kB)
Ascanio (PDF 81 kB)
Australian Bankers Association (PDF 75 kB)
(PDF 129 kB)
Australasian Carbon Exchange Pty Ltd (PDF 183 kB)
Australasian Railway Association (PDF 309 kB)
Australia New Zealand Industrial Gas Association (ANZIGA)
Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (PDF 118 kB)
Australian Aluminium Council (PDF 93 kB)
Australian Bankers' Association (PDF 129 kB)
Australian Carbon Traders Pty Ltd
Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PDF 675 kB)
Australian Climate Exchange Limited (PDF 169 kB)
Australian Coal Association (PDF 5.46 MB)
Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) (PDF 653 kB)
Australian Dairy Industry Council (PDF 444 kB)
Australian Financial Markets Association (PDF 79 kB)
Australian Industry Greenhouse Network (PDF 579 kB)
Australian Institute of Petroleum (PDF 56 kB)
Australian Network of Environmental Defender's Offices Inc (PDF 174 kB)
Australian Paper
Australian Pipeline Industry Association (PDF 256 kB)
Australian Rail Track Corporation (PDF 77 kB)
Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) (PDF 57 kB)
Australian Sugar Milling Council (PDF 101 kB)
Australian Taxation Institute (PDF 63 kB)
Australian Trucking Association (PDF 339 kB)
Australian Youth Climate Coalition (PDF 171 kB)
Australian Zinc Smelting Industry
Babcock & Brown Power
Bekessy, Dr Sarah, and Dr Brendan Wintle (PDF 69 kB)
Bertram, Robert (PDF 83 kB)
Birmingham, Senator Simon (PDF 250 kB)
BlueScope Steel (PDF 82 kB)
BOC Limited
Boral Limited (PDF 893 kB)
Bowie, Ian (PDF 250 kB)
(PDF 59 kB)
BP Australia (PDF 562 kB)
Parsons Brinckerhoff (PDF 54 kB)
Brookes, John (PDF 45 kB)
Brotherhood of St Laurence (PDF 324 kB)
(PDF 231 kB)
(PDF 172 kB)
Burke, Jeremy (PDF 202 kB)
Business Council of Australia (PDF 417 kB)
(PDF 1.01 MB)
Business SA (PDF 32 kB)
Butler, Greg (PDF 533 kB)
Caltex Australia Limited (PDF 421 kB)
(PDF 85 kB)
CAN Win (PDF 92 kB)
Carbon Disclosure Project (PDF 22 kB)
Carbon Sense Coalition (PDF 117 kB)
Cement Australia (PDF 913 kB)
Cement Industry Federation (PDF 209 kB)
Centre for Energy and Environmental Markets (PDF 159 kB)
CFMEU (PDF 125 kB)
Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PDF 585 kB)
Chamber of Minerals and Energy of Western Australia (PDF 1433 kB)
Chevron Australia (PDF 1353 kB)
Clean Energy Council (PDF 139 kB)
Climate Action Network Australia (PDF 122 kB)
Climate Action Tomaree (PDF 127 kB)
Climate Institute, The (PDF 918 kB)
CO2 Group Limited (PDF 31 kB)
Consumer Action Law Centre (PDF 108 kB)
Cool nrg International (PDF 747 kB)
Cox, Kevin (PDF 45 kB)
CPA Australia (PDF 115 kB)
CSIRO (PDF 322 kB)
CSR Limited (PDF 104 kB)
Cumpston, Richard (PDF 17 kB)
Curtin, Tim (PDF 34 kB)
DomGas Alliance (PDF 257 kB)
Elek, Andrew (PDF 69 kB)
Energetics (PDF 184 kB)
ENERGEX Limited (PDF 120 kB)
Energy Australia (PDF 159 kB)
Energy Developments Limited (PDF 75 kB)
Energy Networks Association (PDF 58 kB)
Energy Retailers Association of Australia (PDF 44 kB)
Energy Supply Association of Australia (PDF 117 kB)
Energy Users Association of Australia (PDF 288 kB)
Engineers Australia (PDF 251 kB)
(PDF 54 kB)
Environment Business Australia (PDF 784 kB)
ERA Sustainable
Ergon Energy
Ernst & Young (PDF 183 kB)
ExxonMobil Australia (PDF 1.22 MB)
Feeney, Brian (PDF 115 kB)
Forests for Climate (PDF 36 kB)
Forest Industries Association of Tasmania (PDF 178 kB)
Friends of the Earth (PDF 52 kB)
Frontier Economics Pty LTD (PDF 512 kB)
Gans, Professor Joshua & Quiggin, Professor John (PDF 256 kB)
Gardiner, Philip (PDF 14 kB)
GHG Offset Services (PDF 515 kB)
Gifford, Dr Roger M (PDF 175 kB)
Godden, Dr Lee (Associate Professor), and Ms Anne Kallies (of Melbourne Law School—Centre for Resources, Energy and Environmental Law) (PDF 218 kB)
Golding, Barry (PDF 43 kB)
Grafton, Professor R Quentin (PDF 28 kB)
(PDF 50 kB)
Green Institute (PDF 123 kB)
Greenfleet (PDF 1.89 MB)
Greenpeace Australia Pacific (PDF 534 kB)
Griffin Group, The (PDF 65 kB)
Guler, Tom (PDF 2556 kB)
HAC Consulting (PDF 92 kB)
Humane Society International (PDF 116 kB)
(PDF 111 kB)
Hume, Jo (PDF 129 kB)
Huon Valley Environment Centre (PDF 61 kB)
Hydro Aluminium Kurri Kurri Pty Limited (PDF 111 kB)
Hydro Tasmania (PDF 218 kB)
Industrial Logistics Institute (PDF 245 kB)
(PDF 1.63 MB)
Institute of Actuaries of Australia (PDF 178 kB)
The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia (PDF 1.13 MB)
International Emissions Trading Association (PDF 48 kB)
Investor Group on Climate Change (PDF 401 kB)
Jensen, Gerald (PDF 12 kB)
Jones, Andrew (PDF 34 kB)
Keaney, Benjo (PDF 13 kB)
Keenan, Sam (PDF 195 kB)
Kelly, Tim
KPMG (PDF 145 kB)
Lend Lease, Lincolne Scott and Advanced Environmental (PDF 1.12 MB)
Lenton, Scott (PDF 59 kB)
Lester, Richard (PDF 23 kB)
LMS Generation (PDF 919 kB)
Logica (PDF 278 kB)
Margaree Consultants Inc (PDF 152 kB)
Mars, Malcolm (PDF 38 kB)
McKibbin, Professor Warwick (PDF 282 kB)
McNeall, Richard (PDF 85 kB)

Message Stick Carbon Group (PDF 189 kB)
Minerals Council of Australia (PDF 732 kB)
Monash Energy (PDF 373 kB)
Murray Goulburn Co-operative Co. Limited
National Association of Forest Industries (NAFI) (PDF 1.91 MB)
National Australia Bank (PDF 99 kB)
National Farmers Federation (PDF 336 kB)
National Generators Forum (PDF 437 kB)
National Lime Association of Australia (PDF 144 kB)
New Forests Pty Ltd (PDF 117 kB)
New South Wales Minerals Council (PDF 122 kB)
New South Wales Government (PDF 145 kB)
News Limited (PDF 57 kB)
Norske Skog Paper Mills Australia Limited (PDF 131 kB)
O'Donnell, Carol (PDF 131 kB)
OneSteel (PDF 71 kB)
Origin Energy (PDF 2.8  MB)
O’Sullivan, Dan (PDF 52 kB)
Pacific Hydro (PDF 436 kB)
Pears, Professor Alan (PDF 358 kB)
Pezzey, Dr Jack (PDF 225 kB)
Plastics and Chemicals Industries Association (PDF 169 kB)
Polya, Dr Gideon (PDF 54 kB)
Productivity Commission—Letter on International Linkages to an AETS (PDF 86 kB)
Property Council of Australia (PDF 141 kB)
(PDF 1.4 MB)
Qantas Group (PDF 445 kB)
Qenos Pty Ltd (PDF 1.09 MB)
QER Pty Ltd
Queensland Farmers Federation (PDF 180 kB)
Queensland Government (PDF 140 kB)
Queensland Resources Council (PDF 377 kB)
Quin, Ben (PDF 21 kB)
Reverse Garbage Co-operative Ltd (PDF 34 kB)
Rio Tinto (PDF 1.11 MB)
Rose, Ben (PDF 56 kB)
(PDF 39 kB)
(PDF 71 kB)
(PDF 50 kB)
Russell, Geoff, Professor Barry Brook and Professor Peter Singer (PDF 388 kB)
RepuTex (PDF 6790 kB)
Saddington, Hugh (PDF 163 kB)
Santos Limited (PDF 218 kB)
SA Water (PDF 55 kB)
SFM Australasia Pty Ltd (PDF 156 kB)
Shell Company of Australia (PDF 205 kB)
SimsGroup (PDF 200 kB)
Sinclair Knight Merz (PDF 144 kB)
Solar Armidale Group (PDF 87 kB)
South Australian Farmers Federation (PDF 85 kB)
South Australian Water (PDF 55 kB)
South West Group (PDF 308 kB)
St Vincents de Paul Society National Council of Australia (PDF 163 kB)
Synergy (PDF 124 kB)
Tasmanian Government—Premier Paul Lennon (PDF 109 kB)
Telstra Corporation (PDF 573 kB)
Think Brick Australia
Timber Communities Australia Ltd (PDF 211 kB)
Total Environment Centre (PDF 474 kB)
(PDF 185 kB)
Transport Infrastructure Development Corporation N/A
TRUenergy (PDF 151 kB)
UnitingCare Australia (PDF 79 kB)
URS Australia Pty Ltd (PDF 47 kB)
Veolia Environmental Services (PDF 691 kB)
(PDF 3.32 MB)
Visy Industries (PDF 42 kB)
Warracke, Jan (PDF 90 kB)
Waste Management Association of Australia (PDF 1.24 MB)
Waste Management Association of Australia—National Landfill Division (PDF 38 kB)
Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists (PDF 1073 kB)
Western Alliance for Greenhouse Action (PDF 35 kB)
Westpac Bank (PDF 123 kB)
Woodside Energy Limited (PDF 1802 kB)
Woolongong Cimate Action Network (PDF 107 kB)
Worsley Aluminia Pty Ltd (PDF 1402 kB)
WSN Environmental Solutions (PDF 288 kB)
WWF (PDF 53 kB)
Xstrata Coal
Zero Emission Network (PDF 101 kB)
Zero Waste Australia (PDF 48 kB)
Zurich Financial Services Australia Ltd

Issue paper 1

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Individual/Organisation Submission
Acton, Prue (PDF 28 kB)
Ajani, Dr Judith (PDF 35 kB)
Alumina Limited
ANU—Wild Country Research and Policy Hub (PDF 108 kB)
Australia Institute (PDF 91 kB)
Australian Climate Exchange (PDF 126 kB)
Australian Forest Growers (PDF 95 kB)
Australian Lot Feeders Association (PDF 40 kB)
Australian Plantation Products and Paper Industry Council (A3P) (PDF 103 kB)
Australian Soil Accreditation Scheme (PDF 89 kB)
Balkin, Seamus (PDF 36 kB)
Barnes, John (PDF 51 kB)
BEST Energies (PDF 4.34 MB)
Betram, Robert (PDF 34 kB)
Blakers, Margaret (PDF 36 kB)
Blair Fox Generation WA Pty Ltd. PDF (121 kB)
Campbell, James (PDF 21 kB)
Carbon Link (PDF 250 kB)
Caswell and Associates (PDF 718 kB)
(PDF 7701 kB)
(PDF 818 kB)
Cattle Council of Australia/Sheepmeat Council of Australia (PDF 103 kB)
Cherry, John (PDF 193 kB)
Chip Stop (PDF 33 kB)
Clare, Geoff (PDF 30 kB)
Clarence Environment Centre (PDF 47 kB)
Clean Energy for Eternity (PDF 384 kB)
Climate Group, The (PDF 239 kB)
Coastwatchers Association Inc (PDF 88 kB)
CPA Australia (PDF 50 kB)
CSIRO Forestry Biosciences—Dr Clive Carlyle (PDF 34 kB)
Current Carbon Consultants (PDF 1.08 MB)
Dargaville, Jackie (PDF 50 kB)
Digwood, T (PDF 15 kB)
Douglas, Jim (PDF 25 kB)
Ecos Corporation (PDF 75 kB)
Elsevier—Environmental Science and Policy (PDF 393 kB)
Energy Strategies Pty Ltd (PDF 78 kB)
Environment East Gippsland (PDF 1,042 kB)
Evans, Ray (PDF 1.32 MB)
Forest Industry Association of Tasmania (PDF 423 kB)
Forests for Climate (PDF 2.15 MB)
Foster, Bob (PDF 1.06 MB)
Gardiner, Philip (PDF 57 kB)
Grace, Prof. Peter (PDF 174 kB)
Greenhouse Gas Offset Services (PDF 108 kB)
Greening Australia (PDF 180 kB)
(PDF 169 kB)
Green Institute (PDF. 37 kB)
Harewood, Mick (PDF 59 kB)
Healthy Soils Australia (PDF 15 kB)
(PDF 1.91 MB)
Horticulture Australia Council (PDF 615 kB)
Humphries, Bob (PDF 45 kB)
Hughes, Cr Keith PDF (29 kB)
Huon Valley Environment Centre (PDF 78 kB)
Institute of Foresters of Australia (IFA) (PDF 126 kB)
Jehne, Walter (PDF 22 kB)
JF Infrastructure (PDF 234 kB)
Keenan, Prof. Rod (PDF 112 kB)
Kenway (PDF 108 kB)
Kernode, James (PDF 14 kB)
Land & Water Australia (on behalf of the Joint Strategy Team for the development of the National Climate Change Research Strategy for Primary Industries) (PDF 718 kB)
Little River Landcare Group (PDF 165 kB)
Lovell and Ward (PDF 1777 kB)
(PDF 2924 kB)
Macquarie Capital Products Limited
McClintock, Ian (PDF 69 kB)
McKean & Park Lawyers (PDF 184 kB)
Milne, Senator Christine (PDF 72 kB)
Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry New Zealand (PDF 41 kB)
Moxham, Geoffrey (PDF 50 kB)
Muller, Jane—Growcom (PDF 186 kB)
NAFI and TPA (PDF 322 kB)
National Farmers Federation (PDF 480 kB)
National Farmers Federation (PDF 481 kB)
Natural Sequence Association (PDF 166 kB)
New Forests Pty Ltd (PDF 177 kB)
Newlands, John (PDF 40 kB)
North Coast Environment Council NSW (PDF 21 kB)
NSW Government (PDF 178 kB)
(PDF 1.88 MB)
(PDF 412 kB)
(PDF 233 kB)
(PDF 208 kB)
O'Donnell, Carol (PDF 83 kB)
Penniceard, Claire (PDF 174 kB)
Price, Neale (PDF 21 kB)
Rando, Sam (PDF 15 kB)
Rengel, Professor Zed, and Leslie Maher
Rosse, Matthew—BFGWA (PDF 38 kB)
Sheridan, Gwenda (PDF 1.52 MB)
(PDF 23 kB)
Sustainable Forestry Management Australia (PDF 355 kB)
Sustainable Science (PDF 228 kB)
Tasmanian Government (PDF 1.35 MB)
Timber Towns Victoria (PDF 140 kB)
Tree Smart Australia (PDF 146 kB)
Victorian Association of Forest Industries (PDF 418 kB)
Victorian Department of Primary Industries (PDF 219 kB)
Victorian Water (PDF 133 kB)
WA Department of Agriculture (PDF 1.76 MB)
WA Sustainable Energy Association Inc. (PDF 128 kB)
Walsh, Leonard James (PDF 119 kB)
Watermark Australia (PDF 571 kB)
(PDF 2.03 MB)
(PDF 337 kB)
Wilderness Society Inc. (PDF 267 kB)
Wiley and Wilson (PDF 241 kB)
Willoughby City Council (PDF 383 kB)
Wood, Peter (PDF 569 kB)
(PDF 81 kB)
Wood Products Victoria (PDF 370 kB)

Issue paper 2

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Individual/Organisation Submission
A3P (PDF 50 kB)
ACX (PDF 79 kB)
Ashiabor, Hope (PDF 55 kB)
ASX (PDF 99 kB)
Australian Bankers Association (PDF 125 kB)
Australian Financial Markets Association (AFMA) (PDF 79 kB)
Australian Securities and Investment Committee (PDF 68 kB)
Australasian Carbon Exchange (PDF 92 kB)
Burke, Jeremy (PDF 77 kB)
Carbon Sense Coalition (PDF 26 kB)
CSR Ltd (PDF 129 kB)
Edentiti (PDF 115 kB)
Energetics (PDF 104 kB)
Energy Developments (PDF 69 kB)
IGCC (PDF 54 kB)
Institute of Actuaries of Australia—1 (PDF 49 kB)
(PDF 106 kB)
Insurance Australia Group (PDF 667 kB)
Insurance Coucil of Australia (PDF 1.52 MB)
Investment and Financial Services Association (IFSA) (PDF 1.04 MB)
KPMG (PDF 511 kB)
Merrill Lynch (PDF 111 kB)
National Association of Forest Industries (PDF 79 kB)
NSW Government (PDF 53 kB)
O'Donnell, Carol (PDF 43 kB)
Quin, Ben (PDF 41 kB)
Rio Tinto (PDF 46 kB)
Scott, Murray (PDF 20 kB)
TRUenergy (PDF 79 kB)
Walker, Dr George (PDF 39 kB)
Westpac (PDF 114 kB)

Issue paper 3

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Individual/Organisation Submission
Australian Youth Climate Coalition (PDF 811 kB)
Bass Coast Climate Action Group (PDF 143 kB)
Brincat-Lisano, Michael (PDF 25 kB)
Clarke, Matthew
Climate Action Network Australia (CANA) (PDF 344 kB)
Darebin Climate Action Now (PDF 55 kB)
Ecosphere Consulting (PDF 764 kB)
Families Facing Climate Change (PDF 14 kB)
Hespe, F.S. (PDF 2.3 MB)
Holdway, Tony (PDF 45 kB)
Hurse, Alan
Kelly, Tim
LeBlanc Smith, Dr Guy (PDF 106 kB)
(PDF 231 kB)
Lowke, John J. (PDF 370 kB)
Polya, Dr Gideon (PDF 61 kB)
Resistance Newcastle (PDF 315 kB)
SA Water (PDF 173 kB)
Stanger, Jon (PDF 230 kB)
Sutherland Climate Action Network (PDF 327 kB)
Wood, Dr Peter (PDF 811 kB)
Zero Emissions Network (PDF 367 kB)

Issue paper 4

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Individual/Organisation Submission
Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE) (PDF 163 kB)
Australian Coal Association (PDF 445 kB)
Australian Geothermal Energy Group (PDF 754 kB)
Australian Institute for Commercialisation (PDF 293 kB)
Australian Network of Environmental Defender’s Offices (ANEDO) (PDF 152 kB)
Australian Society of Foreign Energy Executives (ASFEE) (PDF 123 kB)
Bioenegry Australia (PDF 1.23 MB)
Blakers, Professor Andrew (PDF 53 kB)
Boersma, Jaan (PDF 131 kB)
Carbon Sense Coalition (PDF 103 kB)
Centre for Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship (PDF 40 kB)
Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited (PDF 212 kB)
CO2CRC (PDF 208 kB)
Concrete Slab Technologies (PDF 81 kB)
Ctrade International (PDF 546 kB)
Docklands Science Park (John Martin) (PDF 34 kB)
Environment Business Australia (PDF 98 kB)
(PDF 144 kB)
(PDF 131 kB)
EPRIDA Holdings Australia (PDF 2.01 MB)
Ferrers, Richard (PDF 663 kB)
Food Chain Intelligence (PDF 916 kB)
Gans, Professor Joshua (PDF 263 kB)
Geodynamics Limited (PDF 1.75 MB)
Gray, Peter
Hooker, Cliff and Thomas Brinsmead (PDF 79 kB)
HRL Limited (PDF 222 kB)
(PDF 279 kB)
Hybrid Energy Australia Pty Ltd (PDF 457 kB)
Integrating Sustainability (PDF 214 kB)
Kelly, Tim (PDF 242 kB)
(PDF 261 kB)
(PDF 701 kB)
Kilsby, David (PDF 21 kB)
MBD Biodiesel Limited (PDF 1.09 MB)
NSW Government (PDF 53 kB)
Oswal Power Pty Ltd.
Peverell, Geoff (PDF 22 kB)
Queensland Geothermal Energy Centre of Excellence (PDF 328 kB)
Queensland Resources Council (PDF 320 kB)
Robertson Technology Pty Ltd (PDF 198 kB)
Solectair Pty Ltd (PDF 183 kB)
Sustainable World Technologies
Technical and Research Services Australia Pty Ltd (PDF 25 kB)
(PDF 25 kB)
University of Newcastle (PDF 228 kB)
WA Department of Environment and Conservation (PDF 761 kB)
Weir, Terrence (PDF 126 kB)
(PDF 78 kB)
Wilson, Simon (PDF 18 kB)
Wrigley, Derek (PDF 14 kB)
Zero Emissions Network (PDF 171 kB)
ZeroGen Pty Ltd (PDF 546 kB)

Issue paper 5

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Individual/Organisation Submission
10000 Friends of Greater Sydney (PDF 79 kB)
AegisConsulting Australia (PDF 206 kB)
Altmann, Keith (PDF 77 kB)
Anawhata Associates (PDF 124 kB)
Asciano (PDF 103 kB)
Ashiabor, Hope (Associate Professor -Macquarie University) (PDF 144 kB)
Australasian Centre for Governance and Management of Urban Transport (GAMUT) (PDF 629 kB)
Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) (PDF 46 kB)
(PDF 435 kB)
(PDF 131 kB)
Australian Council of National Trust (PDF 57 kB)
Australian Life Cycle Assessment Society (ALCAS) (PDF 359 kB)
Australian Logistics Council (PDF 85 kB)
Australian Society of Foreign Energy Executives (ASFEE) (PDF 112 kB)
Behn, Ruth (PDF 16 kB)
Bicycle Federation of Australia Inc (PDF 216 kB)
Bicycle Helmet Research Foundation (PDF 102 kB)
BIKEast Inc (PDF 664 kB)
Brookfield Multiplex (PDF 28 kB)
Bus Industry Confederation (PDF 1.13 MB)
Callaghan, Andrea (PDF 74 kB)
Caretta Consulting (PDF 182 kB)
City of Belmont (PDF 102 kB)
Clarke, Dick (PDF 13 kB)
Cole, Peter (PDF 41 kB)
Consumer Action Law Centre (PDF 342 kB)
Cooperative Research Centre for Rail Innovation (PDF 76 kB)
Cycle Safe (PDF 206 kB)
Cycling Promotion Fund (PDF 188 kB)
Davis Langdon (PDF 338 kB)
Dodson, Jago (PDF 188 kB)
Eckstein, David N/A
Edge Environment (PDF 72 kB)
Engineers Australia (PDF 72 kB)
Fry, Denise (PDF 149 kB)
Gillham, Chris (PDF 60 kB)
Gossel, Cathy (PDF 126 kB)
Green Building Council Australia (PDF 359 kB)
Griffin, Ted (PDF 19 kB)
Hay, Dr Bob (PDF 26 kB)
Housing Industry Association (PDF 132 kB)
Investa Property Group (PDF 899 kB)
Jamieson Foley and Associates (PDF 744 kB)
Kades, Caroline (PDF 31 kB)
Kraal, Dr Diane (PDF 744 kB)
Kuiper, Dr Gabrielle (PDF 372 kB)
(PDF 4.07 MB)
Laird, Professor Philip (PDF 164 kB)
Lend Lease—Lincolne Scott—Advanced Environmental (joint submission) (PDF 768 kB)
Lenton, Scott (PDF 39 kB)
Mant, John (PDF 52 kB)
Maritime Union of Australia (PDF 342 kB)
Mason, Dr Chloe (PDF 309 kB)
May, Dr Murray (PDF 52 kB)
(PDF 253 kB)
(PDF 200 kB)
Metropolitan Transport Forum (PDF 327 kB)
Mills, Peter (PDF 220 kB)
Moriarty, Honnery (PDF 428 kB)
Municipal Association of Victoria (PDF 282 kB)
Mushalik, Matt (PDF 3.87 MB)
Newman, Peter (PDF 640 kB)
(PDF 59 kB)
(PDF 577 kB)
(PDF 69 kB)
Orbital Australia (PDF 184 kB)
Peverell, Geoff (PDF 22 kB)
Planning Institute Australia (PIA) (PDF 174 kB)
Professional Utility Board (PDF 48 kB)
Property Council of Australia (PDF 141 kB)
(PDF 1.4 MB)
Qantas Airways Limited (PDF 106 kB)
QER Limited
QR Limited (PDF. 67 kB)
Rail Tram and Bus Union (PDF 365 kB)
(PDF 1.74 MB)
Rayson, David (PDF 57 kB)
ResourcesLaw (PDF 117 kB)
Rheem Australia
Rissel, Chris (Associate Professor) (PDF 28 kB)
Rose, Ben (PDF 187 kB)
Royal Australian Institute of Architects (PDF 4.64 MB)
Segway Southern Cross (PDF 165 kB)
Seibert, Christian (PDF 325 kB)
Solar Armidale Group (PDF 149 kB)
Sutherland Shire Council (PDF 318 kB)
Szencorp Sustainable Development (PDF 171 kB)
Think Brick Australia (PDF 171 kB)
Total Environment Centre (PDF 302 kB)
Tourism and Transport Forum (PDF 74 kB)
Toussaint, Bill (Associate Professor) (PDF 24 kB)
Town and Country Planning Association (PDF 70 kB)
Transurban Group (PDF 327 kB)
TreeSmart Australia (PDF 94 kB)
Trigg, Matthew (PDF 29 kB)
Urban Development Institute of Australia (Queensland) (PDF 143 kB)
Urban Ecology Australia (PDF 123 kB)
van den Dool, Dick (PDF 774 kB)
WA Department of Planning and Infrastructure (PDF 67 kB)
Warren Centre for Advanced Engineering (PDF 3.44 MB)
Wattwatchers (PDF 619 kB)
Waverley Council (PDF 62 kB)
Western Australian Sustainable Energy Association Inc (WA SEA) (PDF 471 kB)
Wilkenfeld, Dr George (PDF 53 kB)
Woolmer, Jillian (PDF 100 kB)
Zero Emissions Network (PDF 103 kB)

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Correspondence on the Supplementary Draft Report

Correspondence on the Supplementary Draft Report PDF
Letter from WWF Australia to Professor Garnaut—11 September 2008 (PDF 73 kB)
Letter from The Climate Institute (John Connor) to Professor Garnaut (PDF 140 kB)
Letter from the Australian Conservation Foundation (Don Henry) to Professor Garnaut (PDF 176 kB)


To read PDF files, use Adobe Reader.

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