Terms of reference

30 April 2007

To report to the Governments of the eight States and Territories of Australia, and if invited to do so, to the Prime Minister of Australia, on:

  1. The likely effect of human induced climate change on Australia’s economy, environment, and water resources in the absence of effective national and international efforts to substantially cut greenhouse gas emissions;
  2. The possible ameliorating effects of international policy reform on climate change, and the costs and benefits of various international and Australian policy interventions on Australian economic activity;
  3. The role that Australia can play in the development and implementation of effective international policies on climate change; and
  4. In the light of 1 to 3, recommend medium to long-term policy options for Australia, and the time path for their implementation which, taking the costs and benefits of domestic and international policies on climate change into account, will produce the best possible outcomes for Australia.

In making these recommendations, the Review will consider policies that: mitigate climate change, reduce the costs of adjustment to climate change (including through the acceleration of technological change in supply and use of energy), and reduce any adverse effects of climate change and mitigating policy responses on Australian incomes.

This Review should take into account the following core factors:

Consult with key stakeholders to understand views and inform analysis. A draft Report is to be distributed for comment by June 30 2008. The final Report is to be completed and published by September 30 2008. Interim draft reports on particular issues may be released before that time for public discussion. The Report will embody the independent judgments of its author.