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Reflections on the Australian climate change discussion

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About the public lecture

Thursday 3 February 2011, 6.00-7.00pm, BMW Edge, Federation Square, Melbourne

In November 2010, Professor Ross Garnaut was commissioned by the Australian Government to provide an independent update to his 2008 Climate Change Review. He is also an independent expert adviser to the Multi-Party Climate Change Committee.

The Garnaut Climate Change Review—Update 2011 will release a series of papers in early 2011 addressing developments across a range of subjects including climate change science and impacts, emissions trends, carbon pricing, technology, land and the electricity sector. A final report is to be presented to the Government by 31 May 2011 and released to the Australian community at that time.

Prof. Garnaut's lecture—which will mark the release of the first Update Paper—will reflect on the two years of public discussion since the 2008 Report, outline the approach to updating the Review, and provide his framework for how Australians can best evaluate the costs and benefits of acting on climate change.