Garnaut Review 2011


This book is the final product of seven months of intense work by a group of able and committed people. Some worked from the start in early November 2010 to the finish in May 2011, and some for part of the time. All worked under intense pressure to meet unconscionable deadlines. On the way to this book, we produced and published eight papers and two supplementary notes, upon which this book draws. I am grateful for the sustained excellent work of wonderful people.

Steven Kennedy was head of the secretariat, sharing the development of ideas and the pressures from the beginning. His clear mind and understanding of the whole policy context added a great deal to the pleasure as well as the quality of the work.

As project director, Helen Wilson organised and held together the work of the whole team—many people, based in two cities and travelling everywhere. Over the last month she also took over the role of head of the secretariat, and so steered the project through the hectic production schedule of this final report.

I was fortunate that right at the beginning of this pressured assignment, five members of the team who worked with me on the 2008 Garnaut Climate Change Review made space within their existing commitments to help me out and provided essential continuity. Anna Freeman was director of public affairs through the seven months, building on and extending the networks of people who had expressed interest in and interacted with our earlier work. Anna organised consultations and public meetings throughout Australia and now will help me with a month’s discussions with the community on the final report. Helen Morrow held together the work on the carbon pricing system. Elizabeth Edye was the anchor for the update on science. Frank Jotzo worked with me on the growth and emissions of the major developing countries. Jonathan Chew assisted on the update on innovation and electricity. Ben Skinner helped us with the electricity sector.

Paul Ryan worked closely with me on the land sector and then shared the final work on the manuscript. Anne-Marie Wilson kept us in touch with thinking on adaptation and also was part of the final production of the manuscript. Conrad Buffier helped on everything. Jane Wilkinson worked on the international issues and helped with overseas contacts.

Stuart Evans, Alice Gervink, Jenna Harris, Steven Hamilton, Thomas Abhayaratna, David de Jongh and Steven Portelli all made valuable contributions within the secretariat.

My colleagues from the 2008 Review, Ron Ben-David, Stephen Howes and Tony Wood, continued to share their wisdom through the update.

The Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency provided a congenial home throughout the work. Thanks to the two Secretaries during this time, Martin Parkinson and Blair Comley, and many fine officers. Thanks also to the departments of the Treasury; Resources, Energy and Tourism; Foreign Affairs and Trade; and Infrastructure and Transport; and to the Productivity Commission.

The members and independent experts on the Multi-Party Climate Change Committee discussed with me each of the update papers which were the building blocks for this final report. Among them, a special thanks to Professor Will Steffen for his advice and references to the scientific literature on many occasions.

My colleagues at the University of Melbourne provided advice and support. A special thanks to Beth Webster and her colleagues at the Melbourne Institute; the Energy Institute (Mike Sandiford, Robin Batterham and colleagues); David Karoly and colleagues in the science community; the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute (John Wiseman and Craig Pearson); and the Monash Sustainability Institute (Dave Griggs and John Thwaites).

I am grateful for the generous support provided by scientists from CSIRO, the Bureau of Meteorology and the Centre for Australian Weather and Climate Research. Many made large contributions and I hope it does not seem exclusive if I give special thanks to Dr John Church, Dr Helen Cleugh and Dr Tom Keenan.

Thanks also to many senior members of the Australian business community for extensive discussion of the issues, including the chief executive officers of the largest mining companies and electricity generators, and in particular to Grant King in his role as chairman of the Sustainable Growth Task Force of the Business Council of Australia.

The Australian Energy Market Commission, the Australian Energy Market Operator, the Australian Energy Regulator, the Cooperative Research Centre for Greenhouse Gas Technologies, the Australian Centre for Renewable Energy and the Victorian Department of Primary Industries were valuable sources of information and advice on the energy sector.

My companion of other literary campaigns, David Llewellyn-Smith, helped me in putting together the final manuscript. Virginia Wilton and Larissa Joseph of Wilton Hanford Hanover ensured that the manuscript was clear and attractive and as free of errors as possible in a book prepared under such extraordinary pressure.

Thanks to my executive assistant, Veronica Webster, for keeping me in touch with my other professional responsibilities through my second period of deep immersion in climate change policy. And thanks to Jayne for everything.

Ross Garnaut